Best Desserts in Portland, Oregon

by Myles Katherine ❤

I’m obsessed with sugar. It’s bad. On every birthday, holiday or weekend day I treat myself to something extra sweet. As you’ll probably tell from the list, chocolate is my go-to. Plus, my birthday is on Valentine’s Day so it’s absolutely necessary and understandable to indulge in dessert. So, if you’re in the mood for a decadent treat, check out some of my favorite Portland dessert spots.


  1. Petit Provence‘s ANYTHING – One of my favorite places to go in Portland if I have the travel bug and want to feel like I’m in Europe. The Brioche Banana French Toast is incredible, and they give you a free tart on your birthday (photo featured above)! They have multiple locations throughout Portland but the one on NE Alberta is my go-to. Their dessert case is beautiful and colorful and delicious. Fleur de Lis Bakery comes in a close second. I’m biased to this bakery because they are in my neighborhood and hello, convenience. But in my opinion, they have the most authentic tasting croissants this side of France.
  2. Chocolate peanut butter pie from The Pie Spot – This is my I’ve-had-a-terrible-day-I-just-need-a-dang-chocolatey-treat dessert. Whenever I’m sad I need one of these or I can’t move on with my life. I like to take it home and warm it in my toaster oven. The chocolate and peanut butter combination is perfection.
  3. Bourbon Ball from Papa Haydn  – My boyfriend and I go here every so often for the Bourbon Ball because it’s enough for 2. It doesn’t look gigantic but it is so rich and filling. Plus, it has bourbon in it, and is there anything better than alcohol and chocolate? And if you don’t like chocolate, there are TONS of delicious options to choose from here. A lovely date night spot.
  4.  Cookie Monster Babycake from Petunia’s Pies & Pastries– This bakery is gluten free AND vegan. This cupcake is the best one I’ve ever had. EVER. ANYWHERE. So good. And sugary.
  5.  Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache Ice cream from Salt & Straw – In my opinion, the BEST ice cream in Portland, and possibly in the world. They rotate their flavors every month and use local ingredients. They pair up with restaurants around town to create completely unique flavors depending on the time of the year. I’ve been meaning to head down there this month to try their February flavors. They’ve paired up with a few chocolate shops around town to make flavors like Maple and Rose Chocolate and PB&J. CAN’T WAIT. The Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache is my go-to flavor but you really can’t go wrong. The Snickerdoodle is AMAZING too.
  6. Chocolate lava cake from Pix Patisserie – Another fabulous date night spot. A wine bar AND dessert bar?! Count me in. The atmosphere is amazing. Everything I’ve had there is incredible. Macaroons, chocolates, cream puffs, etc. It’s like going to Paris without spending $1300 on a plane ticket. They also give free birthday desserts!
  7.  Alma Chocolate‘s Boozy Box – I make my boyfriend buy this for me every year for my birthday. These chocolates are the best in Portland (in my opinion, of course). They are intensely flavorful and rich. I’m a dark chocolate person, so I crave the bitterness and simplicity of a strong chocolate. The boozy box is filled with alcohol-infused chocolates. Their drinking chocolate is also incredible.
  8. Saint Cupcake‘s Classic Vanilla Cupcake – In case you don’t like chocolate and want a simple, delicious basic cupcake, Saint Cupcake has you covered. I don’t typically enjoy simple cupcakes because I’m one to go for the cookie-dough-caramel-chocolate-coconut-peanut-butter all-in-one deals. But the vanilla cupcake with vanilla icing is everything you’d ever need in a cupcake. SO GOOD.
  9. Cannoli from Bacchi’s Italian Delicatessen – Made to order, these pistachio crusted cannoli’s are the best I’ve ever had. I could eat them every day.
  10. Blue Star Donuts Original Buttermilk – Yes. BETTER than Voodoo Doughnuts. Obviously, Voodoo Donuts is a nice tourist spot and fun to visit (I still go there for an ODB when I need oreos and peanut butter in my life).  But Blue Star is where I go for quality and pure bliss. Pip’s Original Doughnuts is also amazing if you like tiny doughnuts and delicious coffee.

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