Why you should Try The World!

By Natalie Anne ❤
Ever since moving into a studio apartment by myself in Washington, DC, I have felt lonelier than usual. I have resorted to writing letters and trying out new subscriptions that I have found on Pinterest which offer free deals for signing up. I first became intrigued by Try the World when I was able to get a Japan box (a $39.99 value) for free by subscribing to the company and thought why the hell not. I had the option to cancel after receiving my first box in the mail, but there is no way I could ever part with this magical box of love. I immediately told my sister about it and now we are devastatingly hooked on our subscriptions.

Try the World is a subscription box of treats that comes right to your door once every 2 months for $39.99. Every box comes with 7-8 food items from a particular country, all of which are unique and thoughtful and with a wide array of nutritional content. The flavors range from sweet and sugary to salty and zesty. They are also sure to throw in something starchy to tie it all together too! Every element offers something different but at the same time the box remains cohesive. Every colorful box offers a country guide too that tells you about the chef and food professionals they teamed up with and offer recipes and ideas to send you on your way to creating your own personal yet exotic culinary haven.


My Thailand box has certainly been one of favorites! Thailand has always been at the top of our travel bucket lists and being able to explore the flavors of the country made me want to go even worse. My box included a packet of organic Tom Yum soup ingredients, a bag of dried Jack Fruit (so delicious), Thai spicy flavor rice balls, red curry paste, Jasmine rice, coconut flower syrup, Chaidim tea, and sweet orange coconut crispy rolls.


I absolutely fell in love with the coconut flower syrup as it adds an extra bit of sweetness to any dessert or treat. My favorite use for it is to drizzle it on waffles or pancakes. I recently made Mickey Mouse waffles with dark chocolate morsels and topped them off with this coconut syrup and it melted in my mouth.


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